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Best Chinese Soups to Warm Your Soul This Winter

The winter is well and truly here. As the mercury levels dip, you may invariably feel like having something warm that comforts your mind, body and soul. What better way to warm up than having a bowl of Chinese soup that not only feels like a warm hug but also satiates your hunger pangs? After all, someone has rightly said that "Soup is Cuisine's Kindest Course." It helps to keep you warm during winter as well as it is an excellent source of nutrients.

There are different types of Chinese soup made with ingredients that are healthy and nutritious. Also, sharing a bowl of yummy and heart-warming food with your loved ones makes those winter evenings special and memorable.

So, without any further ado, let us look at some of the best Chinese soups that you can have this winter.

1. Hot and Sour Soup

A timeless classic and evergreen Chinese soup, as the name suggests, Hot and Sour soup is spicy and tangy that tingles the taste buds and pulls all the right strings in your heart. The best part about this soup is it is easy to make, requires few ingredients, and yet it is incredibly flavourful, which makes you go 'ummm' with the first sip.

This can be made with lots of spices and fresh vegetables, you can use any vegetables of your choice. You may add carrots, cauliflower, beans, and even chicken/egg, to suit your palate and dietary preference.

Apart from the fresh vegetables, what gives hot and sour its unique and irresistible taste is the use of vinegar, green chillies, and soy sauce. If you are serving the soup to kids, instead of using chillies you can use black pepper to give it the heat it needs.

While it is easy to make this soup at home, it is easier to order online soup from Hong's Kitchen, which delivers the best Hot and Sour soup in town. Have once, and you will get enjoy the taste that will linger in your mouth. Also, it is a good old recipe for those experiencing sore throat during winter, plus it helps to keep you hydrated.

2. Sweet Corn Soup

Every child's favourite, Sweet Corn Soup, is healthy, nutritious and super yummy that you can have it any time of the day. It is a healthy & ultimate comfort soup during winter. Made with sweet corn kernels, fresh garden veggies and chicken (optional), this wholesome thick corn soup is the perfect medley of warm, sweet, and spicy. The subtle hint of garlic and pepper adds only oomph to the soup and makes it a delight to have. It is loaded with good amount of carbs & fibre.

A wonderful pre-meal appetiser, the soup will awaken your taste buds and help you enjoy your meal better. You can order your favourite Sweet Corn Soup from Hong's Kitchen and get it delivered to your doorstep.

3. Mushroom Soup

Mushroom is one of the most commonly used ingredients in Chinese cuisine, especially in soups. Many people in India love to have Mushroom Soup during winter as it is one of the best vegetables that are nutritious and helps build immunity.

It is a rich source of protein, fibre, and antioxidants. Besides, mushrooms are also a versatile ingredient, and you can use them in soup with other vegetables or meat and make a delicious soup that will warm your heart and body. You can also serve the soup with some noodles or rice or have it by itself.

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There are literally hundreds of different mushroom soup recipes, but, if you are looking to try out a tasty Chinese Mushroom Soup made with the best and freshest ingredients, you can order it online from Hong's Kitchen right away!

4. Wonton Soup

Another classic Chinese soup, Wonton Soup, is made from chicken or vegetable broth with filled wontons. Wonton is an Asian version of Ravioli or tortellini that have meat or vegetable filling inside.

There are different versions and types of Wonton Soup, and it can be made with different ingredients of your choice. No matter what day it is or what time it is, you can also make and serve a delicious bowl of wonton soup to your loved ones, especially during chilly winter days. This soup is the best way to tell your loved ones, I love you, without telling them I love you!

5. Egg Drop Soup

Egg drops soup is a popular Chinese soup made of beaten eggs and cooked with chicken broth, condiments like black and white pepper, and vegetables. Apart from being tasty and heart-warming, it is super healthy and packed with protein.

You can easily make this soup at home, or you can choose to order it from the nearest Chinese restaurant that serves the most delicious street-style Chinese dishes.

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So, there you go; there are plenty of Chinese soups for winter that you can have to keep yourself warm during the cold days. Which one are you excited to try the most?

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