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Chinese Recipes We Can Never Get Enough Of

The world's most well-known culinary legacy comes from China. Their cuisine has a history of around 1000 years and has evolved to include various cooking methods, ingredients, and styles.

Each Chinese recipe aims to strike a balance between three elements: flavour, aroma, and presentation. They place a lot of emphasis on the food's aesthetic look, using a variety of sauces and colours. Different types of Chinese food, rich in essence, have diverse color, aromatic flavor, and superb taste as their key hallmarks. These three qualities make it a work of art that people can enjoy in addition to being delicious. Let's explore the delectable Chinese dishes and their cooking techniques in detail!

Authentic Chinese dishes to try

Chinese cuisine is known for its appearance, flavour, scent, and colour. Let's explore different types of Chinese food cuisines you would love to enjoy!

A. Regional Chinese cuisine
  • Hunan cuisine

This healthy Chinese food is prepared around pure heat, "gan la," which signifies a dry spicy dish. Hunan cuisine uses a lot of sour flavours, garlic, shallots, a variety of fresh vegetables, oil, and smoked chicken, in addition to the heat from chilli peppers (especially dried ones).

  • Lu cuisine

This traditional Chinese food, which includes shrimp and noodles (often made of wheat), is typically salty and crispy. A distinctive method of stir-frying known as "bao" is essential to the cuisine. The goal is to heat the oil to a very high boil before adding the ingredients and frying them for a very short time. The objective is to cook the components without allowing the oil to flavour the cuisine. Braising is very often used in the cuisine.

B. Chinese Street Food
  • Momos

Chinese momos have long been a popular food. In Indian Chinese Food lories, a variety of mouthwatering momos are steamed and deep-fried with a variety of fillings made with vegetables, fish, chicken, or paneer. The momos can also be made at home and enjoyed.

  • Spring Rolls

The shredded vegetables are wrapped in thin sheets and fried till golden as a crunchy appetiser. Small snacks to make at home and serve with a tangy dip as an appetiser or as part of a high tea menu.

C. Chinese Vegetarian Cuisine
  • Veg Hakka Noodles

Vegetable hakka noodles, an all-around favourite, are a terrific way to get all the vegetables onto your plate. All you need to do is combine your favourite vegetables, such as cabbage, carrots, spring onions, and capsicum, in a tangy sauce mixture.

  • Chicken Fried Rice

The iconic takeaway dish chicken fried rice is a simple midweek dinner option. This simple dish is prepared with rice, chicken, eggs, onions, carrots and peas. Rice is made delectable by the addition of oil, soy sauce, vegetables, and meat.

D. Chinese Deserts
  • Chinese Mango Pudding

Mango custard is creamy, sweet and delicious. It is a flavour and texture explosion that is quite simple to prepare.

  • Pumpkin pancakes

Pumpkin pancakes are simply deep-fried pancakes made primarily of pumpkin, sugar, and wheat. They are among the sweetest deserts and are highly well-liked in the winter. For added flavour and texture, the pumpkin pancakes may occasionally be sprinkled with roasted sesame seeds.

Staple Food
  • Congee

Congee, also known as rice porridge, is a filling and simple-to-digest meal, especially for morning. Congees vary according to region: some are prepared using grains other than rice, while others are watery or thick. Both savoury and sweet toppings are possible, including meat, tofu, veggies, ginger, boiled eggs, soy sauce, and mung beans.

  • Kung Pao Chicken

The most popular authentic and traditional Chinese chicken dish is undoubtedly this one. The southern Chinese province of Sichuan is the source of the hot stir-fried chicken dish. Since Sichuan peppercorns are used, the authentic version is fragrant, spicily, and mildly mouth-numbing.

Chinese Cooking Techniques

Popular Chinese food is all about utilising various cooking techniques. Chinese cuisine has a unique culinary aesthetic all its own. The focus is on using simple preparation methods and seasonal, fresh ingredients that are well-balanced in terms of appearance, colour, and texture. There are various cooking techniques that all focus to maintain the nutrients and flavour.

However, stir-frying, deep-frying, shallow-frying, braising, boiling, steaming, and roasting are the most popular ways to prepare Chinese food dishes. The technique that is most frequently employed is stir-frying. With this technique, processed ingredients are quickly cooked at high heat for a delicious dish.

  • Stir-frying: The most frequently used method is stir-frying. This method cooks processed ingredients at high heat for a short period of time where edible oil is used as the heat conductor.

  • Deep-frying: Deep-frying produces food with a crisp texture while using much more edible oil. The degree of crispness and softness on the interior and outside of the ingredients will depend on the coating density.

  • Shallow-frying: This is a low-heat cooking technique that uses less edible oil. While the outside of shallow-fried foods may appear golden or slightly burnt, the interiors are typically quite tender.

  • Braising: Braising is the process of simultaneously adding ingredients and seasonings to a wok or a skillet, adding water, bringing it to a boil, and then simmering it for at least an hour to make large-sized foods melt in your mouth.

  • Steaming: Steamed food has more nutrients than food that is boiled because fewer nutrition leaches into the water. The food's natural flavour is preserved and even enhanced by the use of very little spice and edible oil.

  • Roasting: Roasting is the process of cooking food in an oven or over a charcoal fire. In order to prevent moisture from evaporating during the roasting process, the ingredients for meals must first be washed, salted, and basted with edible oil.

Chinese cuisine is one of the world's most intriguing and enjoyable cuisines in the world. Try the excellent Chinese dishes listed above at home or nearby restaurants.