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Fried Rice vs. Chinese Rice - What's the difference?

Who doesn't like a big bowl of rice tossed in a bigger wok packed with the biggest punch of flavours? Well, we know we do. If you like Chinese food as much as we do, then you must be thinking of mouth-watering Fried Rice right now, right?

But today, the debate isn't about why one must like Chinese food or not. The bigger debate is how do you differentiate between Fried rice and Chinese rice?


Chinese Rice is known for its authentic taste, and it is the most popular recipe in the world. The Fried rice that we relish is an Indian rendition. Born somewhere in the year 589 AD, the city of Yangzhou in the Jiangsu province of China holds the pride of introducing the world to the idea of Chinese rice.

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The usage of rice

Principally speaking, we Indians are obsessed with fresh ingredients, especially rice. But in Chinese rice, it is suggested to use leftover cooked rice to avoid the rice from being sticky. In Fried Rice, most quick-service restaurants (QSRs) use long-grain white rice like Basmati, whereas Jasmine Rice is used in Chinese Rice.

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The course of the meal

Chinese food is a global favorite. From fast food to fine dining, it's found everywhere! It's found on every main course menu, and people love it for all the right reasons. But did you know that at Chinese Banquets, Chinese rice is served at the conclusion of the main meal, right before the dessert course? It might act as a palate cleanser or a good conclusion to the entire experience, but it seems so strange to us, right?

The diversity amidst one dish

India is known for its diversity. It rules the charts when it comes to accepting things from all over the world, gives its own twist, and serves it in the finest way possible. But Fried Rice takes the cake when it comes to variety. From Egg Fried Rice to Shrimp Fried Rice to Kimchi Fried Rice, there are so many varieties offered in Chinese food that you'd be nothing but impressed.

The preparation:

Both Indian and Chinese Fried rice have different cooking processes, as principally, they have different cooking methods. Chinese food is all about celebrating one flavour at every step, while Indian cuisine is about letting the flavours set in every ingredient together.

In the case of Chinese fried rice, chefs usually sauté all the vegetables in oil with black pepper and salt. After that, schezwan masala and cooked rice are added. However, in Indian fried rice, vegetables/meat are stirred fried, and then partially cooked rice is added. After adding sauces, the recipe is again stirred fried, and cooked for 5-6 min on medium flame.

You, see? The same dish, one original, one beautifully inspired, looks the same but has many differences! However, both have great taste and take our palate on a joy ride!

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