Best Pre-Dinner Snacks - Delicious Soups at Hong's Kitchen

Soups: The Best Pre-Dinner Snack

Hunger pangs can strike anytime during the day, and when it happens it is easy to get cranky and agitated at the smallest things. In such a situation, more often than not, you invariably eat unhealthy foods to satiate hunger. It could be a bag of chips, a couple of slices of cakes, or you may have a cup of coffee.

But have you ever wondered how many calories you add by eating such unhealthy snacks? So, how about replacing these foods with a more nutritious and healthy food like a bowl of hot and heart-warming soup. As per Mr. Hong of Hong's Kitchen, soups are the healthiest whenever you feel hungry or have the need to have something tasty.

If you like to snack in the evening, you can consider having a soup. It would be the best pre-dinner snack for everyone in the family as it has many benefits, which are discussed below.

A healthy meal

Soups are a healthy food that are rich in vital nutrients like minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants, which are essential for strengthening the body's natural immunity. There are different types that offer many health benefits; you can have any soup to suit your palate.

For instance, you can have a bowl of Hot and Sour Vegetable or Chicken Soup or Mushroom Soup to give your body much-needed nutrients that you don't get by gorging on instant unhealthy snacks. The anti-inflammatory effects of the soup protect you from infections like flu and cold and give your body the warmth required to withstand the cold weather.

Low in calories

Another reason why many health experts recommend soup for appetisers is that it is the perfect snack to help manage your weight and fight obesity. At Hong's Kitchen, Mr Hong recommends you to try out our tasty Mushroom Soup, the newest addition to our street-style Chinese menu. Come, savour our lip-smacking Mushroom Soup which is a farm fresh creamed mushroom puree made into a flavorful thick vegetarian broth with mushroom bits. It is low in calorie & packed with vitamins, fibre & minerals like Selenium and antioxidants.

Typically, most soups, on average, contain about 100 calories per serving. Thus, you can drink your favourite soup in between meals without feeling guilty of adding calories or putting on weight. Also, soups help you keep you untimely hunger pangs under check and you can avoid eating junk food.

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The perfect appetiser

In many cultures worldwide, soups are served as pre-dinner appetisers because it makes you feel full without killing your appetite and hence you don't have to compromise on your dinner. Besides, you can have a healthy bowl of soup without worrying about adding fat to your body like other heavy appetisers.

If you are ordering Mushroom Soup, Hot and Sour Soup or Sweet Corn Soup, Mr Hong of Hong's Kitchen recommends that it is definitely a great start for delicious Hong's Kitchen Chinese meal.

Great food for winter

When the weather is cold outside, and you are looking for a cosy and warm corner in the house to curl up under the blanket, all you can think of is getting something warm to eat or drink, right? Well, instead of having the good old coffee or hot chocolate, Mr Hong recommends you to replace them with something healthier and heart-warming like soups.

During winters, you may drink less water, instead you can simply treat yourself with a bowl of Hot and Sour Veg or Chicken Soup that will help you hydrate the body sufficiently and get essential nutrition at the same time.

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Order online

If you are wondering if soups are boring, and you don't have many varieties, well you can order soups online from Hong's Kitchen. They serve a wide variety of tasty & piping hot Chinese soups like Mushroom soup, Hot and Sour soup (Veg & Chicken), and Sweet Corn Soup (Veg & Chicken).

So, when you are planning to order from Hong's Kitchen?

Mr Hong is ready to serve you the newest recipe of Soups - made with love, rich broth and tasty veggies.