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Are Hakka noodles Chinese or Japanese?

When you think of Indo-Chinese food, you may invariably think about Hakka Noodles. It is one of the most loved street-style dishes in India; there are many Chinese restaurants that serve this quintessentially Asian delicacy. However, some people debate if Hakka noodles are Chinese or Japanese. But the truth is it is a quintessential Chinese dish.

The term 'Hakka' refers to the method of cooking the noodles as used by the traditional Chinese people from the Hakka region in China. It is an amazing dish made by boiling the noodles separately, and it is then stir-fried on a wok along with different sauces that add taste and flavour to the dish and meat and veggies to create a wholesome dish.
Generally, the noodles are first cooked in boiling water as they are made from the unleavened dough (the dough is usually wheat or rice flour).

How did Hakka noodles make their way to India?

During the 20th Century, many Chinese people settled in Kolkata, India, and gave it its only Chinatown. The immigrants, especially the Hakka people who came from Northern China to the area, brought their cuisine to India. This gave rise to a fusion of Indian and Chinese food with Bengali influence. The Chinese immigrants to the region added green and red chillies, garlic, and other added other spicy pastes, giving rise to the Indian version of the Hakka noodles, which is now popular all over India.

What is the difference between Hakka Noodles and Schezwan Noodles?

The Indian Chinese fusion version of Hakka Noodles that is popular in India is made of stir-fried noodles; it is the base for both these dishes. Schezwan noodles are usually cooked with spicy schezwan sauce, whereas the Hakka noodle is usually made with soy sauce.

The schezwan noodles are spicy and hot, whereas Hakka noodles have a much milder flavour, and it is not at all spicy or pungent.

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