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Best Noodle Dishes for a Quick and Easy Weeknight Dinner

Chinese noodles have gained enormous popularity among many Indians over the years. These are among the most popular dishes, whether they are served in restaurants or on street carts. Chinese noodle dishes are incredibly tasty, flavorful, and satisfyingly crunchy, leaving you wanting more. Noodles come in various shapes, sizes, and textures, and China is arguably where they originated. Other nations have gradually adopted China's method of making noodles.

Depending on the dish you want to make, you can choose from a variety of Chinese noodles when it comes to cooking. There are countless options, ranging from rice noodles that are more gelatinous to creamy and spongy wheat-based noodles. Some of the different types of Chinese noodles available include Lo Mein noodles, Teochew Flat noodles, Knife-cut Noodles, Yi Mein noodles, etc. and a few that can be prepared like soup, including Lai Fun Thick Rice noodles, Silver Needle noodles (Yin Zhen Fen), Yunnan Rice noodles, Wonton noodles, and many more.

The cultural significance associated with Chinese dishes

Noodle strands can be made from a variety of flours and paired with a variety of sauces, toppings, and regional specialities. Noodles are an integral part of Chinese culinary tradition, from Shanghai to Sichuan, to the point where the cuisine is now popular not only in Asia but also around the world.

Making your own noodles at home is so satisfying because it adheres to a long-standing tradition of family-centred meals made with the finest ingredients. Hand-made noodles are a clear winner because of their authenticity, earthy flavours, and complementary textures. They also clearly demonstrate the extra thought and care you put into your meal. Although making your own Chinese noodle dishes from scratch isn't necessary for these recipes, it does make a difference.

Let's explore more well-known noodles dishes so that you can prepare these Chinese noodles recipes at home or opt for nearby restaurants to dine on.

Popular Chinese Noodle Dishes

The variety of noodles used has a significant impact on the overall flavour of a Chinese noodle dish. Additionally, some noodle varieties have unique cultural significance, cooking techniques, and histories. Let us introduce you to the different types of Chinese noodles.

A. Classic Chinese Noodle Dishes
  • Lo Mein Noodles

This famous treat is made with exquisite ingredients, including unique noodles made from wheat flour and egg yolks. The texture of lo mein will change to become a little bit firmer when prepared using the traditional Chinese method of boiling noodles. This gives the noodles' thickness a side of sponginess. Due to the base ingredients of flour and eggs, lo mein noodles are extremely creamy and rich.

  • Yi Mein Noodles

The basic ingredients of Yi Mein remain wheat flour and water, with the addition of egg yolks or rye water. The crunchiness enhances the flavour by forming an oil coating during crunchiness, which can make the noodles appear slightly greasy. However, the pleasant delectability will spread over your taste buds when you serve them with a particular sauce.

B. Chinese Noodle Soups
  • Wonton Noodle Soup

You only need a bowl of wonton noodle soup to make your day happier. There are two parts to the ingredient list. The first section is your standard egg noodles, and the second is dumplings. Although the Wonton dumplings have the ideal texture and are incredibly meaty and savoury, the creaminess of the noodles helps to balance their flavour.

  • Lai Fun Thick Rice Noodles

Lai Fun is quite a tasty speciality because of its texture and appearance. Still blending water and rice flour will yield the best Lai Fun dough. Sticky rice is used to make noodles that are more starchy and spongy in texture. Since you would receive thick strands of noodles rather than thin ones, Chinese rice noodles Lai Fun has a distinctive appearance.

C. Spicy Chinese Noodle Dishes
  • Shanghai fried noodles

The true chowmein is Shanghai fried noodles which are the best among Chinese fried noodles. The dish, which is typically made with thin wheat noodles, gets its recognisable flavour from the city's traditional sweetened soy sauce. Long, green chives are served alongside the fried noodles in generous amounts. The noodle is so thin that when it is fried, it almost becomes crunchy, bringing out the best flavours.

  • Dan Dan Noodles

This recipe offers a straightforward and genuine method for making the well-known Sichuan snack known as Dan Dan Noodles, which is one of the best Chinese noodles. A few basic Chinese ingredients are all you need to make this dish, which is straightforward but delicious, hot, and visually stunning. Chopped peanuts are frequently added to the dish to balance it.

D. Vegetarian Chinese Noodle Dishes
  • Chinese Hakka Noodles

This is a delicious takeout-inspired noodle dish that is simple to make at home. You can enhance the flavour of veg Hakka noodles by adding crunchy vegetables, umami sauces, and neutrella. It takes less than 30 minutes to put together and only requires basic ingredients.

  • Bacon Pan Fried Noodles

This quick one-bowl dinner is irresistible with crispy bacon, hearty noodles soaked in a rich sauce, sweet and tender cabbage, and caramelized onion. This flavorful bowl of Chinese noodles with vegetables is appropriate for every setting and mood, whether it's a weekend get-together or an after-work snack.

E. Fusion Chinese Noodle Dishes
  • Shanghai Scallion Oil Noodle

You can use this recipe whether you prefer ramen, egg, or udon noodles. With only six ingredients, it makes the ideal dish or accompaniment. For a filling main, top the Shanghai Scallion Noodles with additional toppings.

  • Mee Pok - Teochew Flat Noodles

Mee Pok is a speciality of the Teochew people, who are from China's southern region. Traditional Mee Pok noodles have a fairly flat and stringy texture. The primary components of these noodles are wheat flour and water, but egg yolks also contribute to their yellow colour. To prepare mee pok, boil the noodles in hot water for a few minutes before adding soup broth and meatballs.

Ingredients required to make the Chinese Noodle dishes

One of the most frequently used ingredients in Chinese cuisine is Chinese noodles. There are numerous varieties of noodles, and numerous recipes are used for them. Some noodle recipes stir-fry the noodles with additional Chinese noodle ingredients, such as vegetables and sauces, while others call for plain cooked noodles topped with delectable gravies. These noodles have a round shape, a medium thickness, a silky texture, a light flavour that almost tastes nutty, a firm bite, and a springy texture.

The other variety of Chinese noodles that you should try includes glass, rice, vermicelli, ramen, udon, soba, somen, ramen, and egg noodles. Hakka Noodles are the most typical and well-liked Chinese hot noodle preparations. They are made with a variety of vibrant vegetables and are then tossed in chilli oil and Chinese sauces. Enjoy your authentic Chinese noodles with sauteed vegetables and spicy sauce by adding a zincy, spicy schezuan sauce to the noodles.

Serving Suggestions for Chinese Noodle Dishes

Several dishes frequently include noodles as a component. They are frequently offered in soups or with a dipping sauce. Fried noodles are often combined with meat, seafood, dairy products, or vegetables, and cold noodles can be added to salads as an ingredient. Chinese noodles taste best when paired with Manchurian or Paneer Chilli Gravy. Noodles with just the right amount of Chinese sauce will taste divine.

Even better, you can relish noodles by adding them as a crunchy topping to soups like manchow, hot and sour, or even wonton soup, or by mixing them into a dinner salad like crunchy Chinese chicken salad. The traditional Chinese noodles that have been prepared for years by local people of China have turned into modern-style Chinese noodle dishes that have been appreciated worldwide.

Prepare the best and healthy Chinese noodle dishes of your choice at home for weeknight dinner and relish it with your family or friends and make your evening delectable!